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China Tower Parking System factory
This car parking system works similar to the elevator, with the advantages of fast,large capacity, low space occupation and high intelligence compared to other parking systems.The elevating hoist way is in the middle of the system and berths are provided on both sides of the hoist way. When the car drives onto the lifting platform, it raises the car up to the selected parking layer and the lateral sliding carrier on the platform will send the car to berth. A turntable equipped at the entry/exit door will make the vehicle move forward in and out to provide a convenient parking experience.
1. Large accommodation with low land occupation. Min 1m2/car;
2. Full auto;
3. The comb type switching technology, high speed access;
4. Intellgent management: safe & reliable;
5. Green and environment friendly;
6. Various safety devices: including 24 safety devices to ensure parking safety.
Safety devices:


Technical specifacation:

Model PCS-Vertical lifting mechanical parking system
Number of parking ≤50/garage
Max specification 5300*1900*1550/2050
Weight 2350kg
Speed Elevating (m/min) 90~120
Horizontal sliding (m/min) 25
Rotation (r/min) 2
Elevator power (kw) 20~37
Control mode Control PLC
Driving VIVF Frequency lifting, horizontal sliding, rotation and operator
Network Connected with intelligent system through TCP/IP protocol
Power supply Capacity 35KVA AC 50Hz 3-phase 380/220±7%, double power supply
Average storage (retrieval) time 98s
Operation functions Main operation adopts LCD touch-screen control, intelligent operation and various working display (including car storage system running, operation prompt, debugging, maintenance and fault alarm etc). IC card control mode is available.
1. Any measures to protect our benefit within the warranty?
We have the whole quality assurance policy to guarantee your benefit. Our product is insured by PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) which covers all over the world (except north America).
2. How to install the parking system?
We will send our engineers to support and guide your installation. In addition, engineers will provide the training of operation and maintenance. What you do is to complete the foundation construction following our drawings and provide workers.
3. How about the package and delivery?
Our product will be loaded into containers by international standard and delivery by sea from Shanghai port. All electrical parts and small parts will be packed in wooden case and large steel frames, columns will be packed on the wooden pallet and fixed.
Parktec brochure
PCS-Vertical lifting mechanical parking system China Tower Parking System factory

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