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Coating System manufacturers
FEVE coating
Mirach Coating (fluropolymer) FEVE coating provides a unique combination of vibrant colors and gloss. It's available in two- and three-coat systems, plus high-gloss levels up to 80. Our FEVE coating for al coil has a high level of protection and color retention, which is the most prominent weather-resistant anti-corrosive coating.
FEVE coating coils for ACP has a higher gloss and larger color range compared that of traditional PVDF coating acp. It is the broader range of gloss that allows for FEVE coating to produce a brighter color palette and retention than its PVDF opposition. It is ideal for building decoration and protection, and sign making industry as well.
► Capacity & Availability of FEVE coating
✔ FEVE coating alloy: AA1050/ AA1060/ 1070/ AA1100/ AA3003/ AA3004/ AA3104, AA3105/ AA5005/ AA5754 etc.
✔ Temper: H12/H14/H16/H18/H22/H24/H34/H36/H38
✔ Max coating width: 2600 mm
✔ Thickness: 0.08~6.0 mm (normally 1.0~3.0 mm, tolerance ±3%)
✔ Gloss: 10~90% (EN ISO-2813: 1994)
✔ Coating type: fluoropolymer based
✔ FEVE coating thickness: PE≥18mic, tolerance ±0.002 mm
✔ Paint brand: Normally PPG and Beckers, and other brands available as requested
✔ Coated colors: RAL, NCS, Pantone etc. or on request
✔ Guarantee for color coating: 15~20 years guarantee
✔ Coating hardness (pencil hardness): more than 4h
✔ Further Processing for FEVE coating: embossing, cutting to solid aluminum sheets, slitting to aluminum strips, ect.
►Features & Applications of our FEVE coating
● Features:
The fluorine atom has very unique properties, particularly very high electronegativity and low polarizability. FEVE coating coil exhibit low surface energies, insulating properties, impermeability to gases, and high resistance to water, oils, chemicals, corrosion dirt pickups, UV radiation, chalking, etc.
These properties make fluoropolymers attractive as highly durable protective coatings in many different architectural coating formulations, particularly those intended for exterior applications due to the need for excellent weatherability.
● Applications:
Mirach Coating's FEVE coating for aluminum coil are used on metal roofing, metal curtain-wall systems, windows, skylights, panel systems, storefronts, and doors—basically any exterior architectural products manufactured from steel or aluminum coils or aluminum extrusions.
► Ordering & Packing for FEVE coating
✔ MOQ: 5 MT per spec
✔ Essential info for inquiry: alloy & temper, sizes, coating requirements, end usage
✔ Weight per coil: 1~6 MT per coil as requested (for coil)
✔ Coil id.: 150mm / 405mm / 505mm / 508mm / 510mm
✔ FEVE coating packing: protection and wooden pallets with fumigation for seaworthy
► Adopted Standards
YS/T429.2-2000, ASTM-B-209M, BS EN 485-2, BS EN 573-3, GB/T3880-2008Coating System manufacturers

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