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Mgo Board Production Lines
Magnesium oxide board production lines is semi-automatic and it can produce fire rated mgo board

Product Details
Magnesium oxide board is combined system of MgO, MgC12 and H2O alkali agent. The stable magnesium colloid is reinforced by middle alkali glass fiber net and stuffed by light material then becomes new frameless decorative material. It has the features of light quality, strong intensity, little contraction, easy constructing. Especially the unique water resistant, fireproof, corrosion proof and plasticity are better than normally used wooden multipoint, paper surface plaster board etc.
The board is formed one-time by this machine, low production cost, small investment and fast effectiveness.
Introduction of Production Line
Magnesium oxide board production lines
Length: 18m width: 1.5m
Output: 1800peices per day (8 working hours)
Operator: One production line needs 15-18 workers.
Specification of board: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12,15mm thickness.
This production can produce two kinds of MGO board: common MGO board and coated MGO board.
Such board making machine has one 3KW timing electromotor and one 2.2KW electromotor.
One production has two hoppers, so it can produce coated MGO board.
New design: Gear-driven instead of chain, the production can run smoothly than before
The roller is more precise than before, it can improve the percent of pass, the thickness error is no more than 0.1mm
The conveyer belt is smoother than before, so the face of board will be smoother.
Such filter machine is used to filter wood chip according to different mesh size. It has one 0.75KW electromotor.
Equipment Distribution Diagram:
Q: How can I trust your company?
A: With 15-years-professional manufacturer and exporter, we can provide you suitable suggestion and competitive priceMgo Board Production Lines

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